Gov Ted Strickland has named his 10 appointees to the ohio livestock care standards board

Dr. Leon Weaver of our own Bridgewater Dairy was named as one of 13 appointees to the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board, see OFBF article.  We want to send a congratulations out to Dr. Leon Weaver, and thank him for his support and commitment to the Dairy industry and our desire for high standards of Animal Care. 
For more information on the Livestock Care Standards Board.  Ohio Farm Bureau has a wonderful infomation page.

It generally provides for staggered three-year terms for the appointed members of the Board.  However, the terms for the Director and the State Veterinarian must coincide with the length of time that the person holds the position of Director or State Veterinarian, as applicable.

For the unfamiliar,
In Fall 2009, the State of Ohio passed Issue 2, which was designed to create a board comprised of a balanced group of individuals that will help direct the animal care standards of Ohio based agriculture.  Some groups or individuals may want to send rules to a popular vote in order to direct how agricultural producers, and animal caretakers care for thier animals.  Popular votes are often based more on emotion, and less on a combination of science and emotion.  This board will consist of experts from a many points of view that understand the animals in question, they can then debate and come to an agreement on the best practice for each situation.  At the very least this board will allow for rules that can be molded through the years to best address the issues as technology and science change.

Board members as taken from Ohio code:
Appointment of the members of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board; operation of the Board The bill creates the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board consisting of the following members:(1)  The Director of Agriculture, who must be the chairperson of the Board; (2)  Ten members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.  The ten members must be Ohio residents and must include the following:
(a)  One member representing family farms;
(b)  One member who is knowledgeable about food safety in this state;
(c)  Two members representing statewide organizations that represent farmers;
(d)  One member who is a veterinarian licensed under the Veterinarians Law;
(e)  The State Veterinarian in the Department of Agriculture;
(f)  The dean of the agriculture department of a college or university located in this state;
(g)  Two members of the public representing Ohio consumers; and
(h)  One member representing a county humane society organized under the Humane Societies Law.
(3)  One member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives who must be a family farmer; and
(4)  One member appointed by the President of the Senate who must be a family farmer.
Not more than seven members appointed to the Board at any given time can be of the same political party. 
(R.C. 904.02(A).)