Field Studies

We love to  try new things, some times we learn a few things and sometimes we are left more confused.  Generally, we try to plant all our corn with a 20 inch row spacing, 30 inch is the industry standard nationwide.  Some recent and more historical studies show a digestibility advantage in corn grown in 20 inch rows, so when we started to gear up to farm our own ground we focused our attention here.

So with all that being said can you see what is going on in this picture?

Yes, i admit it is a little hard to see.  In preparation for this year we contracted with a local farmer to help us plant corn, in the event we would be faced with a difficult spring.  Since, he run’s a more traditional planter (i.e. 30 inch row spacing), we decided it would be fun to plant a field with both 30 inch row forn and 20 inch row corn.  See if you can figure out where this field is.  Hint:  The west side is 20 inch and the east side of the field is spaced 30 inch, and the field runs North and South.  Have fun.