Oakshade Dairy

Yes, if you heard the rumor’s its true.  We purchased the former Chesterfield Dairy out of foreclosure 2 weeks ago and have been in a frenzy of manure hauling, and corn silage chopping.  The new facility will be called Oakshade Dairy and we will strive to run it with the same care and attention to detail we have here at Bridgewater.

We expect to finish harvesting almost 12,000 tons of corn silage harvest today, and will be hauling manure for the next couple of weeks.  The facility was left with over 20 million gallons of manure, and we have a policy of starting the winter with all our manure pits as empty as possible.

Hopefully, we can leave a good impression on the communities of Chesterfield, Lyons, Morenci, and Wauseon.