Weights and Measures

Often we hear concerns of all the Semi’s running the road’s during our Manure hauling season, especially when it comes to load weights and potential damage to roadways.  Here are a couple answers to all the questions.

1.  Before we started using Semi’s we asked the county weighmaster to come out and weigh our trucks so we could be sure we were legal, not only from a driving perspective, but also from a weight perspective.  After we had this meeting we put little floats on each Semi Trailer that indicates when the trailer is fully loaded.  We also decided that occasionally we would run a few loads across our certified scale at the dairy facility to verify that this float was calibrated correctly.

2. Over the years, the weighmaster has been called out to check on us, and they’ve routinely come out or been asked to come out to weigh us. Over the years, they’ve learned that we are very good at keeping track of our weights.

3. Yesterday, at the request of the sherriff, the Weights and Measures came out and weighed us.  The Semi they weighed weighed 78,000lbs which is under the legal weight, they even examined another semi, and decided not to weigh it.

We feel pretty confident that we run all our semi’s legally on all the local roads, at the same time we want every body to realize that when someone stops the manure operation it is extremely costly to our operation.

We are also proud that we can get into a field and be finished within 48 hours and often within 24 hours, and then we will be out-of-the-way.