Haylage Harvest (1st cutting)

We knew last week already that Hay harvest was upon us. With over 1500 acres of hay to chop for silage this spring we wanted to get started last Monday, but the weather had other plans.

Our new plan is to get Schanedorf Custom chopping to bring two crews down to start mowing in Ohio and Michigan on Monday, of course this is also weather dependent.

We need the rain to stay away, we are already a week behind optimal conditions for making haylage. If we are forced to wait too long, the alfalfa will start flowering. The flowering of alfalfa is a sure sign that plant stems are producing lignin and significantly reducing the feed value of the plant.

In case your curious, on a good hay growing year and stand we can see 4-5 cuttings a year, and 4 to 5 years good hay production.