What a month!!!

The first 3 weeks of August have been amazing. There are three area’s that have been incredibly exciting.

1) Tours/Visitors
On August 4, a group of Veterinarians and Scientists with Phizer spent the entire day with Dr. Leon Weaver touring the facility to understand how Phizer could help the dairy industry and to familiarize themselves with a Dairy environment.

On August 9, the CITC tour visited us. http://CITC Website. This was a group of 185 individuals that visited for about an hour during a day long event that highlighted conservation in action.

There are more pretty interesting people visiting Bridgewater Dairy this month so keep an eye out for future posts

2) Rainfall
In recent weeks we have had great rainfalls and in patterns that allow our crops to thrive. We are excited to see where our corn and soybean crops are headed.

3) Manure
Due to the earlier dry conditions and breaks of good weather. We are within days of what we fondly call Zero Manure Day. On this day all of our pits will be essentially empty. But, the cows are still doing their job, so Zero Manure Day just means that are pits are merely as empty as they can feasibly be.

I’m sure there is more, I’ll just have to update this later.