Frustrating little rain!!

The last few day’s we’ve seen a few of what I call Pop-up thunderstorms, but sadly they all seem to just go around Bridgewater.  Friday night a huge “derecho” started south of Chicago and skirted just south and west of Bridgewater, also missing Oakshade.  Then Sunday night another srtorm popped up just north of Montpelier, while it looked like it was going to get us wet, Bridgewater basically missed the best part of the storm.  Oakshade wound up with just over half an inch this time.

I guess all in all the good news is that Bridgewater wound up with about 1/4 of an inch out of both storms.  Yes, its better than nothing but we need a lot more than a half an inch if we are going to feed our cows next year.

(see NOAA’s site on June 29, 2012 derecho event)