Williams, County Ohio declared drought disaster area

The USDA and the Governor of the State of Ohio have just declared Williams, and Defiance Counties drought disaster areas.

With my role as Williams Farm Bureau President, I was asked to speak to the drought conditions in Ohio to Channel 13 News. Channel 13 clip

USDA Drought resources
USDA Press release

Representative Bob Latta’s Press Release

Yes, we are purchasing by-products to feed our cows. Even though we have Corn Silage left over from 2011’s harvest right now. We want to be well prepared for what happens this fall, and stretching 2011’s crop a little further into 2013 is just one of those ways. It’s never too early to make decisions that ensure a secure, healthy food supply for our cows.

Beet Pulp is generally made in the Northern Michigan and Canadian regions, and is the generally described as the leftover plant material from sugar beets, after the sugar is removed.
NDSU report.

We also intend to feed Citrus Pulp to replace some of our lost corn silage this fall. This will be shipped in on rail cars from Florida, and as you can imagine is the left over orange peels, and “stuff” you get from squeezing the juice out of oranges to make juice.

Some people hear the word by-product and assume the worst, but that is not correct, we are merely extremely efficient at using all of the products, nature provides us.