Corn Silage complete.

Well, the day has finally arrived. We are done with Corn Silage. 19,500 tons at Oakshade, 28,000 tons at Bridgewater (10,000 of which was hauled over 15 miles), and over 4,000 tons at NEI. That’s over 50,000 tons of Corn Silage.

That’s over 2500 truck loads of corn silage in the last 30 days. (Silage is a very light product, and it’s hard to net 16-22 tons per load)

Everyone is exhausted, but the good news is we are done and it appears we are going to have plenty of feed.

Thanks to all the local farmers that helped us haul and pack Corn Silage this year.

Boger Farms
Borderline Transport.
John Fry
Dennis & Brandon Hinkle (Hinkle farms)
Mavis Farms
Moody Farms
Schanedorf Custom Farming
Slicker Farms
Stoy Farms
Chris Stuckey Farms
S & W Mills

And also thanks to the surrounding farmers that helped us secure all the Corn Silage we needed for the next 12 months.

We wouldn’t have survived with out all the help.