Spring harvest

With over 2000 acres of alfalfa to harvest, and rain in the forecast there were some difficult decisions to be made.

The challenge with alfalfa harvest is timing the dry down of the alfalfa. We mowed 150 acres of Alfalfa Friday night, and with a heavy dew and cool weather we finished mowing the remaining 200 acres on Saturday.

With intentions to chop the alfalfa Sunday, and into Monday. But the sun was bright and intense, and rain was in the forecast. All the Alfalfa seemed to dry down in about 4 hours. But thanks to a good crew of operators we worked till we had it all picked up. Unfortunately, that meant finishing at about 5am and a 22hour workday. Yep that’s farming.

The best part is that we beat the rain, and harvested around 1600 tons of Hay. I will say it is obvious we were a little tired. On my drive around this morning I noticed we missed a half of a truck load in the dark.