Bridgewater Farming Operations Manager

Some of you may have noticed that we have begun looking for a Farm Operations Manager.  I wanted to update all the curious people out there with what is going on in the Bridgewater Dairy Group.

Bridgewater Dairy has had a farm operation that worked in conjunction with the dairy ever since Bridgewater started  milking cows.  In the early years a neighboring farmer did an excellent job custom farming our land and helping us feed our cows.  As time progressed, our neighbor grew and with the opportunities in front of him we mutually decided to consider other options.

In 2008, Bridgewater Farming was born, and Greg Dietsch was hired and he put together an exceptional team of individuals that have made Bridgewater Farming the success it is today.  As we hired Greg, we knew that his family had a farm, and that someday the call to go home and work with his dad on the home farm might prevail.

We were all hoping that call might not come for a few years, but the time has come.  Greg Dietsch will continue to be involved with Bridgewater Farming this year, and I’m sure at some small level for years to come.  Just to repeat, Greg Dietsch will continue as Farm Manager as we transition into whoever might rise to the occasion.

We also know that Bridgewater Farming is a team and not about one individual.  Although, we are all a little broken hearted, we have a great team!  We look forward to training new people and continuing to grow as a company, and the best part is that Greg will continue to a be great resource of knowledge and expertise for years to come.

And what better way to transition. We are thankful and hopeful that whoever winds up in this position can learn a lot from Greg and the team we already have this year.

If you have any other questions feel free to call Chris, Leon, Greg or email us using the contact page.