Dairy Farming!!! Rain or shine or Blizzard!

When this storm is over I’m not sure what the reports are going to show, but I’m really not sure it matters. Its the wind that really matters.

Normally, I unwind after a particularly stressful period of time by browsing Facebook, or reading a newspaper. But not today, the newsfeeds are all abuzz with the fact that it is a Level 3 snow emergency in Ohio and Level 1 in Indiana, which are the highest levels in both states. It seems that to most of the world this is exciting news, they don’t have to go to work. Yippee.

Keeping our cows healthy and fed is our highest priority, and that means that there are essential things that need to be done every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even in a blizzard. While most of the county was inside staying warm. We were planning for the next morning and thanking God for the road crews that were working as hard as they could to keep the main traffic spurs open. At all of the locations we had either a pay loader or silage tractor available to keep the main roads to the dairy’s open. We knew that wouldn’t be enough. At 5am all my manager’s suddenly became logistics coordinators.

Our baby calves need bottle fed, Cows need feed, and the sick cows need treated at all 3 facilities, and yes the cows still need to be milked. But Bridgewater-Indiana and Oakshade really struggled. The roads were a mess, but after a few of us getting stuck multiple times, the essential crews made it to all three dairy’s. We are all exhausted, and stressed and to top it all off many of us are still out working in sub zero temperatures. Unless the wind lets up we are going to be doing the morning routine all over again tonight.

Yippee, yeah not for me. Oh yeah, did I tell you that unless we get a milk truck into Oakshade and Bridgewater-Indiana in the next few hours we will be pouring thousands of gallons of milk down the drain.

Yep, not a day at the beach.

A little update. I just learned that in western Indiana the roads are so bad that all the main interstates are physically shut down and our friends in western Indiana are pumping tens of thousands of gallons of milk down the drain.


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