A feel good story… One of our own.

Whether its working outside in below zero temperatures, or in the extreme heat; knee-deep in cow manure or helping assist in the birth of a baby calf;  working long hours to plant a little seed or gazing over a beautiful corn field.  Dairy Farming has its challenges but it also has its rewards.

Bridgewater Dairy Group is proud of all the employee’s that help make us an excellent dairy farm.

Bridgewater Group often feels like family to us, and we know that everyone that helps make Bridgewater Dairy a special place has a life outside of Bridgewater Dairy.  They all have families and other passions and hobbies beyond Bridgewater Dairy and we love to take a part in their lives whenever we can.  

Recently Southwest Airlines put together a blog entry about one of our families. I encourage you to check out the link to the Southwest Blog.

How Southwest Airlines Medical Transportation Grant Program Brought Life to My Family – Video link

Southwest Airlines Medical Transportation Grant Program Provides a Helping Hand to our Patients – story

Brian and Amy Shaw have 6 children, two of these are adopted with special needs.

Thanks, Southwest for honoring one of our employee’s and thanks to the Shaw family for being part of our greater family.