Wheelin’ Sportsman

It’s hard to imagine it’s been 4 years since we nervously agreed to allow the National Wild Turkey Federation host their “Wheelin’ Sportsman” event on our property.  The biggest concern; how can we trust a group on non-farmers and outsiders to protect our land during the most critical season of our farming operation.  If that ground or seed that we place in the ground is not treated with the utmost care it will not produce a plant. Without a plant growing we won’t have a crop, and with out a crop we will need to figure out another way to feed our cows.

Earlier this week the local NWTF group contacted me to remind me the kick-off dinner for the event would be Friday. It went through my mind how much I have learned to trust this group. Last year, we were so busy that even though they reminded us, we completely forgot they were out hunting until Sunday after they completed hunting. This year with a new farm manager seriously focused on getting the tractors rolling and getting seed on the ground, we needed to inform him why people would be wandering around our land.

In all reality, we have the easy part. Bridgewater Dairy along with a group of other farmers donate their land for this special weekend. This is the easy part. The handicapped hunters, and the volunteers deserve to be honored for the work they will be doing this weekend. This weekend there are nearly 20 handicapped hunters, and between 1-3 volunteers per hunter depending on the mobility of the hunter. That is a big group for NW Ohio!


Not all of the hunters could make it for the kick-off dinner, but we were excited to see those that could make it out!

Thanks to the National Wild Turkey Federation for organizing this event every year, and treating our land and environment with the utmost respect!  www.nwtf.org